Children’s Dentistry

Our dentists recognise how important it is to teach your children about their dental health at a young age. This is to ensure that they learn and instil good oral hygiene habits, avoid dental issues in the future, and feel comfortable and familiar in the dentist chair.

We provide gentle and friendly services in a comfortable environment. We’re committed to providing the best care and we strive to make the child dental experience a positive and educational one for your children.

Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule

We welcome patients under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule at Dental@Hoppers.

The Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) covers up to $1,013 worth of treatment over two consecutive calendar years. The two-year period begins at the start of the calendar year in which your child both becomes eligible and gets their first dental service.

The services covered include:

Is my child eligible for the CDBS?

Your child is eligible for these dental benefits when:

To confirm your child’s eligibility, please either contact Medicare or give us a call on (03) 8763 2885.

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